Thursday, July 20, 2006

Aruba Aloe: Helping Police Stay Dry

Oranjestad: Aruba Aloe ( has launched a new product with the endorsement of the Aruba Police Department. The marketing campaingn is being developed in NYC and uses real life Aruba Police as spokespersons.

Radio ads beginning this week will feature Dennis Jacobs endorsing the efffectiveness of the deoderant called Aruba Dirty Police. The blogsite of the same name is not entitled to licensing fees since a judge in Curacao ruled that Dennis Jacobs and Aruba Dirty Police are essentially one and the same.

Transcripts from the ad were obtained today:

"Hi, I'm Dennis Jacobs, lead detective from Aruba in charge of the Natalee Holloway investigation. I'm also a narcotics officer and dog trainer. My line of work can be very strenuous, from destroying evidence, to witness intimidation and the occasional gangbang, I can work up a real sweat. But what keeps me cool is my new deoderant, Aruba Dirty Police, made from the finest natural resources in Aruba." Your armpits will be smiling from this product of One Happy Island."