Friday, October 07, 2005

Prosecutor to Charge Natalee Holloway with Sexual Assault

Aruba: Prosector Karen Janssen is considering charging Natalee Holloway with Sexual Assault with a minor, capitol inconvienence and statutory rape on a dutch boy.

"We have reason to believe that an assault was committed against a underage dutch youth. We are lucky to have a courageous victim willing to come forward with his story" said Jannsen.

The victim, Joran van der sloot, was lured from his house while studying for exams and forced to have his friends drive him to a location on the beach where the attack took place.

When asked why charges weren't brought sooner the prosecutor said the dutch boy was scared and traumatized and may have lied.

Search warrants were issued for the ocean and police believe Natalee may have fled to Venezuela. Joran claims he last saw Natalee swimming in that direction.