Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Joran van der sloot: Scapegoat?

The surest sign to me of the van der sloots guilt and the coverup by officials in Aruba is both Joran and his father, Paul van der sloot, intimating they have more to tell.

This is a clear warning to those who are complicit to hold steady, and not cave. The house of cards teeters.

Of course it was Paul van der sloot talking to Natalee in the casino. But the reason the stories aren't straight in this case is that Paulus is the author. Maybe the only one.

When Joran says they have done this "20 times before" he is referring to his father and I suspect other "adults."

Preying on tourists wasn't invented by the kalpoe's or Joran van der sloot. It's an old tradition and Paulus was using his son. No doubt behaviour that in the world of Aruba was considered acceptable.

Most son's would cringe at the thought of their father's even talking to a girl their own age, let alone targeting them for assault. It's clear Natalee was confirming that Joran was indeed Paulus' son. In Natalee's world, that would make her feel safer.

But this is Aruba, a savage and degenerate place. Natalee was not Paulus' first victim. But drugs are the new alcohol for a different generation. There is much to be gained by helping the adults.

Gambling money, underage drinking and a look the other way attitude. It's laughable to think any father would tolerate a son losing $200 at a casino and then have the nerve to allow them out the next night, not to mention the night after the girl he was last seen with disappeared.

Why has a psychopath like Joran van der sloot been uncontrollable?

He owns his father's fate. His psychosis is what's keeping him from bringing down the house of cards. But Joran is trying, tormented by the implications, he continues to talk. The money he's trying to make is for his father.

Would anyone reading this turn in their own father? It's not easy.

This is about the adults, specifically Paul van der sloot. Premeditated Paul van der sloot.

This case is complex only in the fact that it goes to Nelson Oduber, the political and judicial system of Aruba and the fact that Paulus acted faster, enlisted others before they knew what was happening.

In context, the old men, had no idea the power of the internet. Do we really think they could have imagined in their wildest dreams that this much attention could be brought to Aruba over a missing girl?

Paulus van der sloot is a sexual predator, he raised as psychopath and misognyist. The need to incapacitate a woman for the purspose of sexual gratification is a crime worthy of death. Horrific in so many ways.

There are so many that have so much to lose when the truth is revealed. Way more than a mere 1 million dollars.

Here, Greta, Joe Tacopina, Jeff Lesker, Steve Cohen, we won't forget you. Your words will echo as a nightmare and wake up call.