Saturday, June 02, 2007

Postcards From Dompigworld: Rudy Croes is Next

Rudy Croes is being forced to resign, but won't. He's puffing up his faux Aruba pride hoping to rally support for himself.

He doesn't see his legal culpability and can't see a good deal when he's given one. Like Joran van der sloot hating the police in Aruba. How ironic.

Whether or not he thinks he acted in Aruba's best business interests and for that he's got some sort of Third Wold diplomatic immunity or he's just another savage, either way he failed.

Others have been forced out or left, Janssen, van der straaten, Dompig.

There will be no international incident over Rudy Croes. He has about as much juice with Hugo Chavez as Nelson Oduber has to his Asian Gateway. Nelson brought back a fortune cookie he bought at the airport.

Aruba's mismanagement is bad for criminals too.

All for the van der sloots. The "fucking bitch" as Joran calls Natalee in his memoirs.

This is a slow drip of perverse blood, they killed Natalee, murdered her.

As long as Natalee is in Aruba, the hits will keep coming.

Beth hugged Nelson, sat down with Paulus. Joran able to conjer up "I'd kick her ass" about a girl he murdered, disappeared. Misogny epitomized.

And we're only at Rudy Croes? Who's holding down the fort Aruba?

No van der sloot, no justice.