Monday, October 10, 2005

Jannsen praised, Trapenburg out of hiding, Pauly blocks sun

Aruba: A secret memo from Corporate Holland praising the work of Karen Janssen has been leaked to the media. The memo congratulates Jannsen in her efforts regarding losing evidence, improperly collecting dna, falsifying statements, poorly writing warrant requests, acting as if she cared (although it was stated she needs improvement) being unresponsive, ignoring the suspects family and insuring the victims were released the moment the U.S. became distracted.

She was praised most of all for keeping overtime hours to a minimum. High marks for streamling the documenting and filing process.

Janssen appears to be positioning herself for a promotion very soon and may be off the island by Christmas. Her charging Holloway with sexual assault is the kind of out of the box thinking the Dutch relish.

Ruben Trapenburg on Rita Cosbly tonight gave his insightful comments on the situation. Trapenburg said this: "

Also, as reported on Scared Monkeys, a subcontractor for a damage control company was hired by the Strategic Command Force. His name is John Pauly, a rotund media advisor.

"I know both sides of the story," said Pauly. "I'm both a pimp and a whore."