Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bill O'Reilly's Nose Pin Cowardice

"Now the mistake JetBlue made was hooking up with haters. There's no room for that in America. Any corporation or politician who associates with character assassins and/or defamers will be scrutinized."

"The good news is most Americans reject the politicians of hate. "

"Unfortunately some Americans do wallow in hate. So an Internet site can do some business peddling that garbage and there are a few radio and TV performers who make a living smearing people as well."

"But corporations and powerful people must understand their responsibility to reject the haters and not support them in any way."

This is from O'Reilly's own words. Then he goes out and spews his own hate. Smears without naming sources and is duped with old news.

You call haters unacceptable yet air a story with an unnamed source in Aruba? You obviously don't realize the 'higher up' the source, the more meaningless it is. Where do you think you got the cocaine story? An old one also. If you're going to trot out old news why not recap the people who have been arrested in this case and the charges under which they were brought up.

Can't repeat premeditated murder, kidnapping, rape, heavy battery enough. Why attack Natalee again? Jessica's law? How about Natalee's law?

Will Geraldo be going with Gerold Dompig to dig in the sand again?

You couldn't see through the attempt to blame Natalee in some way?

Titanic hypocrisy, and a misognyistic bombthrower by you and Geraldo. Why the laziness, the sudden loss of what went on in Aruba?

Is there any advertising money coming your way? I think I saw the 3 tourists in Aruba wearing Factor Gear come to think of it.

Name your source O'Reilly or you've become what you claim the 'people' are tired of. Name your source!