Friday, October 14, 2005

Holloways to Aruba, Jannsen on vacation, Croes and The Reihl World View "sells out."

Aruba: As Beth Holloway is set to return to Aruba, Karin Janssen will be taking another 2 week vacation. "Coroporate Holland does not allow me to carry over my accrued vacation time so I thought now would be a good time to use the vacation I've earned." Jannsen is said to be travelling to Curacao to visit her good friend Judge Rik Smid. The judge and I have become good friends and I'm looking forward to the visit.

Steve Croes is thinking of suing Beth Hollowy. Croes said "before this case only the people of Aruba knew I was a liar, scumbag and loser, now the whole world knows and I hold Beth Twitty responsible." He went on to say this is his chance to cash in on his worldwide celebrity as a liar, loser and scumbag.

Sources say that Arubatruth is expanding it's PR efforts via the media by paying a website Riehl World View a large sum of money to promote more of it's "stories." By paying these sites to make up stories with anonymous sources and defend the van der sloots and kalpoes with often seemingly hypocritical views, we feel we can target a mostly teenage market. These teenagers are quite proficient in using the internet to spread our "stories and easily manipulated.