Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hey Greta, Can you Spell Premeditation?

From Aruba:

GVC was bothering Natalee on Friday night at Carlos N Charlies. She was dancing with another classmate and this guy (GVC) came up behind her and started humping and grinding on her back and groping her body. She turned around and yelled at him to leave her alone so he left.

But he came back later with this friend AB and came up behind Natalee and started doing it again, so she turned around and hit him in the chest.

GVC did slap Natalee in the face.

Then her classmate got physical with this GVC and they started scuffling but the other MB kids stopped it before it became more.

There is no doubt to me all these guys knew each other and are predators and misognyists.

But who allowed this sense of entitlement? Who didn't slap them when they got out of line. Like Father like son?

It's no wonder most of the charges against these suspects includes the word, premeditation.