Saturday, April 22, 2006


"If they find the girl, I'd laugh" Joran Van der sloot

"Joran lied 3 times, his story has never wavered." Joe Tacopina

  1. Gatekeeper Says:

    An open message to the Diario:

    There has been a lot of sentiment that people on the island of Aruba have information and are not coming forward. Perhaps it would be useful to research and print the true U.S. tourist visitor statistics for May of 2005 vs. 2006 or perhaps May of 2005 vs. May of 2006. I suspect there will be far less groups of U.S. high schoolers going to Aruba this May than there were last May. This will, for certain, effect the economy of Aruba.

    The people of Aruba need to made aware that ultimately, they, and the island, will be the ones who suffer from the indignation of the Dutch in this investigation. It appears they are already sensitive to the perceived superior treatment of the Dutch GVC while in custody. Now is the time to open their eyes to the fact that the Dutch are using the native Arubns, and their island, for their own persronal interest and financial gain. The Dutch do not care about the people of Aruba and if the tourist well dries up, and the island turns into a drug haven, the Dutch can simply pick up their things and move back to the Netherlands the next day. Native Arubans do not have that luxury and need to start protecting themselves and the economy of their island.

    Without U.S. tourism a signficant number of native Arubans will become unemployed. The only jobs that will remain will be running drugs from Venezuela and to Miami. Do the Dutch care? No. It is up to the Aruban people to start making themselves heard and get this investigation resolved.