Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Aruba: More Women Speak Out

"My heart aches for Natalee and her family. I've known from the minute Natalee was announced missing on the tv, exactly what happened to her. I have been in touch with the FBI, and they have my statement. I have been to Aruba 3 times, and the last time was HORRIBLE.
In 1996, I went with my husband and 4 friends. We stayed at the same hotel Natalee stayed at. My husband and I were both drugged, taken from the hotel casino.

My husband was locked in a back room of the bar The Rio Grande, I was taken out to the desert, and didnt come out of the black out until the next morning. I had been raped and beaten. I was fortunate enough to talk my way out of the situation, promising I wouldnt go to the police. When I got back to my hotel, my husband and a friend did go to the police station..........it is just like you've seen on the tv for the Holloway-Twitty family.

They did NOTHING to help us at all. Even with the police knowing, that the casino-workers and the Commishioner of the casino had a problem with the 'man', and were also willing to help my husband and I.

We switched hotels that day, and stayed in most of the time we were there. The night before we were to leave all 6 of us decided to go to the beach. That 'man' showed up. My husband and cousin got a hold of him, we asked a hotel worker to call the police (they took almost an hour to get there). We told them what had happened and they simply put him in the back of the police jeep uncuffed, and drove away with him.

I guess we were all in shock, my husband and I just glad to be leaving both alive. They have never mentioned on the news the brothel out in the desert behind the Holiday Inn pass the light house, thats were I was taken to, a police-woman told me that it was a Whore-House, no big deal??

I have tried to get in touch with Beth Holloway, I think I could maybe help her or at least tell her that Natalee didnt feel any pain, as I said I was drugged and I dont remember anything until the next day. A lot of parents are now coming on tv again with the same situations of missing children from all islands, but none have gotten any justice or even an answer. It seems I am the only one to have survived.

I pray for Natalee and her family every morning and every night, and badly wish there was a way to comfort her mom, who has been, and has had to be, a very strong woman. My husband had to only endure a couple hours of not knowing if I was alive or what happened. He said he cant imagine how they feel. So our hearts and prayers are with them daily. I hope this all ends soon for them, no mother should have to be put through this. I havent been able to talk about what happened to me for 9 years, but I would do ANYTHING to help Natalee and her family.