Sunday, April 16, 2006

The "New" Old Tip

From Dave Holloway:

"In late August the Diario received a recorded phone tip from a woman who said that a Police Officer named Halle took a body from the sand dunes prior to the search on June 3, 2005.
She said that Halle was a crooked cop and was friends with Paulus Van der sloot. I turned that tape over to the police and the Dutch."

The photo's of the rocks were taken in September or October and they are a direct result of Dave Holloway telling Dompig about a situation that occurred on June 3, 2005. It's a long story but there is reason to believe that a police officer recovered evidence from the sand dune area just prior to the search on June 3rd. When we questioned Dompig about it he claimed to not know what we were talking about. Following that meeting we believe that Dompig ordered a forensic team to sweep the area. Including painting the rocks with lumenal or other chemicals to identify blood.

Believe it or not those rocks and pictures are just a few yards from the sand dune where the belt was found.