Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Sand Dune Story Never Happened

Until Natalee Holloway can be buried by her family in the United States how can anyone else keep burying her? That is the savagery of Aruba.

Add the sand dune story to the list of lies and theories like the dropped her at the Holiday Inn, The security guards did it, the "dropped" her at the beach and the Satish picked me up stories.
Aruba is playing hide and seek with Natalee and have no right to imagine and sell stories of her death without proof. They called it a murder (Van der straaten) when the guards were set up and now an overdose (Dompig) to benefit themselves and the suspects.

Where's the proof Natalee ever existed and why did you change the case from a missing persons to a murder? To prevent the FBI's involvement? Until Aruba prooves with the same standard of evidence used to release the suspects that she is dead, she must be considered missing and presumed kidnapped.

By chasing suspects with stories before they could claim Natalee is dead, they purposely manipulated the system in an attempt to protect themselves from the things they fear the most. Loss of American dollars and Dutch scrutiny.

They have failed on both accounts.

Dompig's de facto plea bargain was approved. The sand dune story is bogus and another example of the Van der sloots and Aruba looking at the evidence and then rewriting history. Still keeping eyes off the likely scene of the crime, the Van der sloot residence.

What do we make of Dompig saying the property hasn't been searched and it's on his "wish list" and just last week Julia Renfro claiming it was searched because "she was there."

What is she doing there? Is there any doubt Arubatruth is working with the Van der sloots and paying Joe Tacopina?

Dompig himself, is leveraging what he knows to keep his job and negotiate a book deal.

Another in the long line of coincidences that just as the picture of Natalee in the casino sitting next to Paulus Van der sloot, there are more distractions?

Rushing into legal action, while chasing stories, they continued to push the legal system to reward the van der sloots, pay them off so they would leave the island.

It's not about toursist dollars for nanny state employees they have no sense of business. The Aruba Dirty Police fear the Dutch scrutiny that will threaten their income. They are using what they know to protect themselves. Professional slovenly blamers.

Van der sloot, Van der straaten and Jacobs live off the Dutch payroll and when Natalee's body was taken from police custody shortly after she was found it forced Rudy Croes to claim a "misinformation campaingn" without telling us by whom.

If the guards can be arrested on the lies of the Van der sloots, surely Van der straaten and Jacobs could be arrested for anything.

Van der straaten illegally placed Jacobs in a role he was unqualified for because he would provide a witness too stoned to be credible.

Karin Janssen, if you have any decency left, defy the judges from Curacao, Rik Smid and the judge who lives near the Van der sloots, John S. Kuiperdal and let them pay the Van der sloots.

Call the bluff. My guess is they will not act, further giving credence to the bogus concpet of Dutch Law in Aruba.

It's long overdue, an investigation into the ivestigation. Where the lack of evidence is the evidence and until Natalee can be proved to be dead, her fate will not be determined by stories from liars.

We will not accept stories. Natalee is being held hostage and we want her back.