Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Aruba Embraces the Media

Aruba Today: March 30

The program, "Opsporing Verzocht," which means "Arrest Requested," has helped authorities solve 30 percent of cases it has featured over the past 22 year, the prosecutor's office said.

Dutch police spokesman Ed Kraszewski confirmed that a group of police officers went to Aruba from the Netherlands to help in the Holloway case, but wouldn't give details.

One source believes with the interest there is real opportunity here to help Aruba solve this case and fund more search efforts. The show plans to reenact the night Natalee disappeared in what they say is an attempt to troll for possible Dutch speaking witnesses.

Sources say the cops are not real cops but have experience playing them on the show. "They are quite realistic looking, white, strong and very photogenic," said Miles Croes, the segment producer.

"There will be a multi-lingual DVD release late this year, with additional scenes and outakes. The DVD will retail for 39.99 USD, " said Croes.

Croes said, "We wish it could be more thorough but there were alot of scenes that had to be edited out due to time constraints."

Some of the scenes to hit the cutting room floor:

The security guards dancing with Natalee (cannot be confirmed)
Paul van der sloot's calls to the Police Chief Jan van der straaten
Joran going home from the beach (3 alternative scenes will be available in the bonus version)
Juia Renfro at CnC's ordering a rum and roofies
Natalee at the Van der sloot house (no dialogue)
Koen Gottenbos going out on his boat for a late night cruise (too dark)
Dennis Jacobs telling the FBI agent to "buzz off amateur"
Joran telling the police that they dropped Natalee at the hotel
Police giving the thumbs up to Paulus before speeding off

Most of the reenactment will show Natalee dancing, buying drugs and forcing Joran Van der sloot into Deepak Kalpoe's car.

"It will be highly realistic," said Croes.

The show is aimed at Authorities in Holland and really shows how hard the Police have worked to protect their citizens.

One of the most controversial scenes shows a passed out Natalee being dragged to the sand dunes by a pantless Jimmy Buffet impersonator. Straggling behind is Julia Renfro yelling, "pick me, pick me."

"We really think it will appeal to the Holland market," said Kraszewski.