Monday, March 27, 2006

Paul Van der sloot Murdered Natalee Holloway

Inflammatory? Libelous?

There's more evidence of that statement than there is in Chief Dompig's political smearing of Natalee Holloway.

Paul Van der sloot murdered Natalee Holloway.

Chief Dompig has lowered the standard so much that he's even less credible than a blog.

The "drug" theory, like the hotel story and the beach story never happened. It's another attempt to pick up the pieces of a shattered investigation and mold it into something they can get away with. But Natalee looks like Venus de milo in the hands of Aruba.

Dr. Baden, with 40 years of experience in forensics has said Dompig's theory cannot be accurate because with Dompig's "story" Natalee would have never been able to walk out of CnC's that night if she died of an overdose a few hours later.

Aruba has hired damage control consultants working from an outdated playbook. "It will blow over" from Rudy Croes no doubt came from the advice of John Pauly.

Blaming the victim another one that completely misreads an American public that can be harsh, very harsh. The reason is we can be very forgiving.

It you knew coming clean about the Van der sloots and the Dirty Cops would triple tourism, would we be hearing from Tacopina, Renfro and Schippers? I don't think so.

It was murder when the black security guards were arrested, it was murder when the Kalpoes' were charged with premeditated murder, but when Joran cannot piece together anything believable it was an assisted suicide?

Racist? "We don't like to talk about that." Arlene Schipper. Yes the same Arlene who said Joran is a genius. Aruba makes satire obsolete.

You cannot confirm how you know Natalee is dead but believe she died of an overdose? Not a single mention of the security guards in your promotional video on CBS? But maybe you weren't playing to the U.S. market, maybe you were just a pawn, dutifully carrying out the wishes of your white masters for a promise of promotion. You do seem like someone who would sell their soul, if you had one, for a few more bars on your uniform. Did you fly to Holland to buy that suit you were wearing in the dunes?

Chief Dompig, you said a picture tells 2000 words and you showed a shot of CnC. I would like you to look at one more appropriate, a picture of Dave Holloway digging in the landfill for the remains of his daughter which you now say were moved multiple times. By people covering up an accident?

Ponder that photo for a moment if you have the courage.

I've thought about why this story has such interest, such intensity. There are alot of angles, the lying predatory teenagers, the greedy corrupt van der sloots and politicians, the misogny of the adults passed on to the children in Aruba.

But when I heard Dompig lie about having witnesses, the light went off. He has no witnessess, his "new witness" who fingered the security guards now dragged in to smoke a bowl and tell another story are just damage control. There was no investigation, only damage control public relations stories.

I feel like I've witnessed a crime and I have to come forward. I believe alot of people feel that way.

Aruba has witnessed a savage crime but hired the wrong consultants, people who are out of touch with how rapidly the world has changed. "Mistakes were made" indeed. The largest of which is viewing Americans for our worst qualities and not playing to our best qualities.

What if you were advised to come out and tell the truth? Where's the hero who stood beside Natalee and stood up to corruption and risked everything? They would have been embraced with the same intensity that is now being used to blog Aruba to death.

Dompig had his once in a lifetime shot to be the black Gary Cooper but didn't watch the "High Noon" DVD I sent him. Instead, given an audience reserved for very few he spewed his misogyny, arrogance and insecurity. A thin skinned man who couldn't seize the moment.

But you still have one last chance, which is amazing considering you're performance up to now.