Friday, March 10, 2006

Aruba: Another Suspect?

Dennis Jacobs couldn't nail the black security guards so the man responsible for the investigation may be trying to scapegoat a drug/addict dealer.

Desperate to find another workable alibi could Dennis Jacobs be trying to save himself? I mean for a stoner who probably doesn't know what day it is, why not say you were on the beach, what's the difference?

Anything to point away from the VDS property. If she ever was near a beach it was when she was already dead. Killed in an act of rage by Joran Van der sloot and bringing his family on the brink of ruin.

The beach story never happened. Natalee was most surely not hidden the first night and Paul Van der sloot knows where she is.

Why has it come this far? Dennis Jacobs has not been scrutinizd at all. Why is that? No doubt they will turn what could have been a less than credible witness into a credible suspect.

Any bets that they claim this is the weeping guy who called Dompig? Are they sprinkling some new forensic evidence around Aruba to make the story barely possible?

More excuses, more scapegoats and more bullying, Aruba 9 months out it's more of the same.

Paul Van der sloot is getting justice. Everytime he over-reaches like a troll in his law cubicle, I start to feel confident the walls are closing in on him.

His ultimate demise like a human oragami getting folded. Somehow that seems right. In the meantime, he's pushing legal paper looking for money for his son/client's celebrity. His fate is so aligned with Aruba's that's why they are trying so hard to exonerate him.

He and Aruba are not know for their innocence.

But what Paul van der sloot doesn't realize, because he can't, is that the passion to bring him down is much more intense and violent than the passion to "blame the world."

It's darwinian, the need to bring down the Van der sloots. Joran's the puppet for his father/attorney/agent and the Police and Prosecutor are now in his crosshair's. Joey Tacopina used that term when he threatened to take on the finger police. Legal snipers and thugs who don't realize the world has changed even since last year.

Nobody is afraid of them or they're law degrees.

For Joey Tacopina to come on national televesion and declare that he know's the allegations of predatory behaviour on the part of Joran Van der sloot are absolutely false, is either a lie or something he was hired to believe by Paul Van der sloot.

How else would you know? But you don't care, the same ethical compass that Paul Van der sloot passed on to his son/client/revenue stream, is being outsourced to Joey Tacopina.

"They hit me, the big bad men." Joran is pleading for points of compensation. Not something a normal teenage boy usually does. But Joran has become a puppet for Paul Van der sloot.

A vaudeville act of ventriloquism.

But it all may not have happened if Dennis Jacobs had done his job. Was he threatened that he was legally bound not to be suspicious for 48 hours since Natalee wasn't "legally" missing? That the parents of a girl who fly down shouldn't have at least some credibility? So the police back away completely? You're standing in front of Paulus telling you that she's technically not missing and you say, "yeah you're right."

And arrest 2 black sercurity guards.

And the most critical time in the lives of Natalee and her family, Joran Van der sloot and the Kalpoes had an elaborate story and lied and the police backed away when they should have acted.

The reason I believe there are other victims is not because John Kelly says so. It's because of the amount of energy the Van der sloots are spending trying to convince us there isn't. "He's a good kid" says Tacopina.

It's a challenge, it's a battle, staying into the story. A wild testament to one's emotions and will to keep your fingers moving and keep them connected to your brain.

Disseminating the information with love and hate darts hurled at each other on the blogosphere like some futuristic battle that ends up looking like a scene from Braveheart.

Is there committment? After all the energy to keep pressure on is much greater than the energy to do nothing, let it go, move on.

This case is not just about justice it's about balance. It's as if the whole world would be off it's axis until the guilty are punished. But the momentary pride that the desire stays strong has a constant tug of maybe it's more practical to focus on "other things."

A balance. We could probably accomplish alot with this energy somewhere else. But where is that somewhere else? It hasn't happened. The future is right here in this case.

Do you want justice for Natalee or don't you? It's a calling, a balance between totally irrational behavior and completely necessary motives. Not every war has to have the grandeur of the "big one" to be important or necessary. If we move on from this we'll never stop, just keep moving on to "other things." An endless cycle of unaccountability and savagery.

This is a battle worth waging. Not even able to bury Natalee is the sadism from Aruba that fuels the intensity that makes it easy to see Van der sloot and Tacopina as road kill. I've seen and felt the rage and it's a bomb.

Natalee was not a commission or some "rebate" part of Aruba's budget. Aruba's just not the place to make a moral stand, they don't have the passion. They're afraid.

Demanding information that not too long ago would never be available with so little effort. The pressure or the ability to exert it is a weapon.

But there just isn't enough energy left in Aruba, just shouting in the wind, free ranging like Joran in an interview. Stevie Wonder without the glasses.

Joran playing the air guitar while Janssen and Dompig bumble their way to fireworks and a new search. Pathetic.

"We didn't do anything." That's Aruba's epilogue, the blame wrapped in the truth.

The case is filled with so much hate, the Van der sloots even pulling out the race card. It doesn't get more ironic than that.

But the glaring need to prove one's innocent is very strange, almost an admission of guilt. The key moment in dispute, who picked up Joran? Will there be another Steve Croes? Someone to come forward and back up a lie for no apparent reason? What stoner will say they were on the beach?

It isn't far-fetched to think Paul Van der sloot will continue to sue his way through Aruba, the Police and Prosecutor have already been put on notice.

But I sense desperation on the part of the Van der sloots. Like everything else, the lies lead away from the truth.

Paul Van der sloot's life failure is almost complete. A man on the brink of oblivion.

Paul Van der sloot has cost Aruba dearly in every way. The Van der sloots are alone in their responsibility and no one else.

He's a man in his last gasp of life.

Joran, Paulus and now Joey Tacopina are looking more and more like each other. Blaming, misogynistic desperate bullies.

I mean Joe Tacopina is threatening whom?

Nobody cares Joey, you're shrinking in your suit.

Joran Van der sloot is a murderer.