Saturday, February 25, 2006

Aruba: The Beach Story Never Happened

The beach story is a lie. Made up after the fact to make Dennis Jacobs look either stupid or corrupt, a potential scapegoat if necessary. The reason Joran has to attach a Kalpoe is he has no alibi. Just like his other stories, it never happened.

There is no corroboration for the beach story, a story that is complete fiction.

Because he's protecting Paul Van der sloot, repeating his father's stories. The reason he said he doesn't think people should believe him is he knows that his father/lawyer isn't to be believed.

If they went to the lighthouse it was after Natalee was already dead. But the first lie was told by the one person who certainly knows where Natalee is.

Paul Van der sloot.

When the family and police arrived, Paulus lied and said they were at the Wyndham gambling. No they weren't. Where were they and why were you 4 all together again?

The kid who forgot his shoes is playing the police for fools? I don't think so. It's an insider, Paulus van der sloot who is playing them for fools, everything a misdirection. It was never more obvious than in the interview.

When will the ALE stop believing the lies? Stop being led like stooges down dead end stories created by Paul van der sloot?

"Well like I said before, the justice system, the detectives, they're fools. They have to go back to school. And they were used, like, a scapegoat, used, like, a black person is society to cover their mess." Mickey John

Paul Van der sloot is the one who was with Joran, and is desperate to keep himself out of the story. Deepak, Satish, barefoot, what's next to try to make the beach story believable?

The guy couldn't buy a condom but can leave his $100.oo shoes on the beach? He doesn't believe in unsafe sex but he can assault a girl in the back seat of a friends car while his friend and brother drive? He can say he left Natalee on the beach but doesn't believe in unsafe sex? This kid has no empathy. Where did he not learn that?

Joran doesn't believe the lies himself but the police do?

The man without a career is peddling his son. The man, a judge in training who had no problem with the guards sitting in jail, falsely accused. The man who has no problem assaulting Natalee again, free because he buried her. And this was a man working in the prosecutor's office. A man at the end of his road.

Paulus is using his son/client and the Kalpoe's to protect himself. Arubatruth his willing stooges too. I wouldnt' be surprised if he takes the dunes and the ocean as clients and manages to prevent any further searches, covering Dompig's ass.

Happy to sit by and watch his son/client debase himself for his protection. Happy to let his son be the target of wrath as long as it's not him, he needs an out. He's got Deepak and Jacobs as scapegoats if he needs them. Natalee just won't work for you Paulus.

She did what you couldn't do. She said no. And you killed her. The arrogance to think Beth and Dave should just go away. Now the stupidity to think we will not bring you justice.

Natalee died at the Van der sloot house. The place Paulus didn't want searched.

It wasn't an accident and the beach story may have been believed if it was told first. But it couldn't because Natalee's remains were not securely hidden yet. Paulus took care of that and then made up the beach story.

And Aruba gets in line again.

Steve Cohen from Arubatruth, the official spokesperson:

"No, I don't think the chaperones will be questioned. We think the people who are responsible are not the kids in Alabama, but one of the 3 suspects." Responsible for what Steve? Once again, no mention of Paul Van der sloot. Still being duped.

Then in a release from Arubatruth:

"In that regard, efforts continue to construct the case, including an expected renewal of excavation of a plot of land in the dunes by the Lighthouse."

A plot of land in the dunes by the lighthouse in the middle of the night and you have a credible witness who just happened to be there and can pinpoint the 'plot of land'?

How could it be possible that it's not from someone who is guilty of her murder? One can only hope that Dompig and Janssen will be under oath someday.

How does Chief Dompig know what's credible? He, like everyone else is lying. A stooge, a token, paralyzed by wanting to please but no backbone. You have someone more credible who just happened to be near the lighthouse in the middle of the night and can pinpoint the location? It's bullshit Dompig.

For Dompig to have 2 credible and different locations and a witness who was there, in the dunes, by the lighthouse, in the middle of the night..., there's no cover up.

Dompig, you are so full of shit. Hey Chief, why are the 3 "guilty as hell?" There won't be a search because you can't explain this contact, you can't explain success or failure of a search. And you won't be able to explain why the tipster doesn't want the money.

The hypocrisy of the authorities to claim they need to look at all angles when they are the ones with myopia, dazzled by the lies of Joran van der sloot, led around like idiots. Unable to search anywhere, allowing Paulus to be deemed innocent by the Kangaroo court in Aruba.

It's all about the distraction and it continues. The 3 have immunized themselves by lying so often. If a Joran confession isn't enough why are you still focusing on the 3? Because Paulus wants you to. You are willing fools as Mickey John said, stooges complicit in the cover up of a horrific crime against Natalee. So sensitive to criticism yet so easily sit by while Natalee is smeared, unable to defend herself again. But we are saying no, again, for her.

Not one person from Aruba has come forward to denounce Joran's blaming Natalee, not one?
You're depravity will be shoved back in your face.

Too cowardly to committ suicide the murdering Van der sloots will take another victim if they aren't stopped.

He was the one with Joran, the father/lawyer. Do you really think he would trust his son to dispose of evidence so completely? A son/client who can't keep track of his sneakers is going to sanitize evidence? I don't think so. It's rolling towards Dennis Jacobs.

Or do the police and prosecutor want to fall for these lies? Giving Paulus so many chances to get them out of this.

Forget the kids who can't remember their shoes, they are the messengers now. They have no connections.

Paulus knows the meaning of evidence and Natalee's remains would have sent him and his son away for a long time.

When will the ALE focus on the exact things Paulus Van der sloot doesn't want you to see? What's his timeline? He hides behind his son, the Kalpoes and his wife. Yes Joran you don't know what a real man is, I believe that. A real man would have sat next to you in the interview on camera. But he can't, doesn't have the courage, he'd rather let you take the heat for him. You're his scapegoat too. You memorized your lines, but they had no feelings. Only your prediction of hate for Natalee if she returned, not happiness and relief but hate. You're word, your father's word.

Aruba, we'll match your hate, payback, it's fair the rage is growing because of Aruba's own words. Paulus's words.

"There are issues in this case that can go beyond the obvious in their implications.
It will take time for all the information regarding this lovely child to come out.
Some of it will be hard to handle some of it will be expected ...
In my opinion, this issue has far reaching implications for all those involved. I wish us all strength
."Charles Croes

“Paulus Van der Sloot was arrested on the suspicion of premeditated murder" Prosecutor spokesperson Marianne Croes 6/24

Both of these people have had only trouble since speaking.

No problem trashing Natalee? No problem letting the black security guards sit in jail while you concoct your lies? No problem hiding behind your wife and kid, no problem allowing Natalee's family to suffer, no problem letting the "poor and innocent" suffer.

No problem running like a scared little girl from the media. Yes, I believe Joran doesn't know what a real man is because it's not in a casino. But Joran did do something his father could not do. No way Paulus could have sat for that interview.

You have cost Natalee's life in so many ways.

You're life of failures is your legacy. You have one more chance to do anything noble. Blow your brains out is our plea bargain for you.

A handful of Americans caught the interview because they were interested. Natalee is the 5th most popular search on Netscape and here's what Arubatruth has to say about the agenda's at the moment:

"The continuing need of US cable programs to use the story to hold onto slipping viewer interest."

Uh huh. Sure.

Arubatruth you're releases, while still arrogant, are getting shoddy, defensive and just juvenile. Is there anyone left in the office? Who sent that out, the janitor?

You're going down in blames.