Monday, February 06, 2006

Van der sloot says Prosecutor is a Liar

Paulus Van der sloot said "he would do anything to protect his son."

He lied.

He didn't include, except tell the truth. But telling the truth is not part of "doing anything."

Trotting out the wife, now there's a new strategy. Where have we seen this before? The governer of New Jersey had the wife at his side when he told the world he had a relationship with another guy, someone who used that relationship as currency to commit crimes. What was the purpose of having the wife there?

Is it an endorsement of something?

Gary Hart did it, and there's Mrs. Bryant and Mrs. Clinton and on and on....

"I did not have sexual relations with that girl, miss holloway.." We've seen it before Paulus.

Your wife by your side doesn't lend credibility to your lie, only to your desperation to run and hide, behind a woman. They scare you don't they big guy? Now you're taking on an ex-colleague, Ms. Janssen.

She says, you told her, "no body, case." And it's her fault?

Your interview showed us that you can control your wife, that's all. Joran was the victim of a girl, Natalee. And you want us to believe you are the victim of Beth Twitty? And now your family is a victim of Karin Janssen?

Can't seem to grasp the manhood thing can you Paulus? The van der sloot men reduced to hiding behind Mommy.

You're getting just what you deserve. You're public castration very fitting.

No Van der sloot, no justice.

Check out the website Aruba just doesn't want to talk about it.

Just what did you find on those rocks? And why was the security guards forensics there? Who put them there? The police are confused how they could still have a link to the security guards and why they're still suspects. Which evidence did you keep, Dennis? The manufactured ones against the security guards. How did their dna get on some of this stuff?

And just why was Janssen even speaking to Paulus, did she interrogate him or was it a personal conversation? Paulus confirmed directly to Janssen? What's that about?

SAVIDGE: What did the father do?

JANSSEN: Well, the father has spoken with those three suspects and he said he gave them some legal advice but I think the advices were going further than that. They spoke about the situation that when there is no body, you don‘t have a case, and that was already in the first day after the disappearance. And secondly, the father and the mother have asked a friend of Joran, the suspect—the minor suspect, to come to their home to tell them what he has explained to the police. And that is, well, I can say was an obstruction of the investigation.

Janssen said the elder van der Sloot gave his son and the Kalpoe brothers legal advice, telling them that “without a body there is no case.”

“HE CONFIRMED TO ME that he told them that a few days after she disappeared,” Janssen told the AP