Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Aruba: In Defense of Steve Cohen

As a representative of an organization (ArubaTruth) and a country that has so insultingly and corruptly handled this case, one has to wonder why Steve Cohen would want this position and if anything he could say would satisfy the American audience?

I for one welcome his opinion that the 3 are guilty. I welcome the difference between the shrill and lying Ms. Schippers who's bias was evident from day one.

I like the fact that he's not a lawyer and doesn't lecture us on Dutch Law.

It takes a certain amount of moxie to ask us to forget the past mistakes and be realistic that we need to focus on today and tomorrow.

It's tough but it's true.

That doesn't mean that the dirty police will be forgiven or forgotten, it just means let's focus on accomplishing finding out where Natalee is and bringing Joran van der sloot and his lawyer to justice. We'll worry about the rest later.

I'm willing to take that challenge and give him at least some time.

I don't believe he's in it for the money. He actually listens unlike the bobblehead Schippers who's defensiveness, lying and blaming destroyed her credibility. Mr. Cohen has not engaged in the blame game the way others have.

He has done something no other person in Aruba has.

He apologized to Beth, face to face on national television.

A huge leap from what we've seen so far. I mean let's be fair, it could not have been easy to apologize for the depravity of others, I don't care what you're motivation is. He took responsibility. In some ways, he's too good for his clients.

Imagine if you were the press secretary for Bill Clinton and were asked to go in front of the nation and explain what the meaning of is is?

His vanity and ego are an asset. He doesn't need to kiss Dutch ass to ensure he has work or maintain benefits from a nanny state like Trapenburg, Schippers or Dompig.

That fact will come in very handy down the road if he is made to look foolish again by his employers.

An opportunist? So what? Arent' we all? Isn't that the American way? Why criticize him when we have Sphincter Boy Bachus and Barbour and a host of slimeballs making money on the Natalee story? To me, he's actually earning his money.

A spokesperson for a bad client is a delicate balancing act and you're going to eat alot of crow. Thick skin a requirement. Something noone in Aruba seems to have.

It can only be encouraging when some in Aruba are unhappy with his comments because he, as someone who has been there from the beginning knows what happened in this case.

The trust level is so low, so rock bottom that there is no danger of him "fooling" us. Any spokesperson for Arubatruth will be treated with heavy burden of skepticism. So what's there to lose by hoping he can bring clarity?

Whether you believe him or not when he said it was painful when he opened the door for the suspects when they were released, let's support him and root for him.

Let's root for him to be there when they close the door behind the murdering Van der sloots.