Thursday, January 19, 2006

Security Guards Eaten by Dennis Jacobs

If I said the man in the picture is an Aruban Air Conditioner salesman, would you believe it?

Or a tourist from a cold place who doesn't really like the sun, but tolerates it for his family?

If I said he is the man responsible to find Natalee and prove exactly what happened to her what would you think?


Is it any wonder the Twittys and Holloway's knew this case was in trouble from the beginning?

It's instinct and they were right.

This is the man who asked Dave Holloway "how much money do you have" at a time when he was searching for Natalee. Ponder that experience for a moment.

This is the man who bought the van der sloot lie and went after the security guards. The collection and organizantion of evidence is his ultimate responsibility. He is in that role now and was from the beginning.

Aruba would rather have this sleazeball run the investigation and not the FBI? I wonder why?

Instinct is who we are.

I see a man who may be hiding the strangely quiet security guards, figuratively and literally. I know Eguusearch doesn't have equipment to give this guy a thorough search.

Maybe only the Dutch Navy is capable of giving this Dirty Cop a colon cleanse.

Meet Dennis Jacobs. Lead Investigator in the case of Natalee Holloway.

Why did you become a cop Dennis? And how in the hell did you attain the title of lead investigator? Or is that a role you play only when a Dutch guy is in trouble?

Do you see a sense of urgency or purpose? Poffertjes couldn't get this guy to move.

Aruba reorganizes it's marketing tactics, hires consultants because it's concerned about Aruba's sinking reputation. But Jacobs is still the lead investigator. No need to change the team I guess.

This can only mean that they believe he's done a good job. No need for the FBI, Dennis Jacobs is in control.

The first 48 hours when the lies were taken as evidence and the truth as lies is in Dennis Jacobs sizable lap.

Still haven't searched the Van der sloot property but raided the security guards?

Because of Dennis Jacobs.

Dennis Jacobs is the Aruba Dirty Police. As unpleasant as a task as it may be, this man needs to be searched, investigated and outed as the man who executed Paulus van der sloot's fiction.

The man singularly responsible for the "mistakes" in this investigation. But it's in the translation, they weren't mistakes for Aruba. Just standard operating procedures right Dennis?

Dennis Jacobs, too good for the FBI. But he didn't want the FBI and Paulus went to court to back him up.

Why would the Dirty Cops of Aruba and Paulus van der sloot not want the FBI to take over the case?

Dennis Jacobs role in this story has yet to be told. But you can't hide (obviously) any more.

I want more pictures of this man and his family. The cell phone shots are not acceptable.

You're dirty Dennis, the sharks are circling.