Sunday, December 25, 2005

Aruba 2005: Hell Freezes Over in the Year of the Van der sloot

Aruba is trapped in a world wide web. Some of it's residents not just names but data to be hunted, as long as they exist. The Van der sloot virus infected Aruba.

Whenever the Van der sloot worm pops up, the tracking cookies will swarm. A virtual quicksand for the murdering family.

The water should be safer for an island than the web. But a Van der sloot won't go in the water. How can they run? They are an island. It's a choice for Paulus, leave a hole of snakes only to face relentless wolves?

Like a breath in your ear whispering, boo! Paulus sleeps with one eye open.

The security guards acting scared, like the suspects Aruba wants them to be. "We'll work something out, just remain silent."

The worst moments of 2005:

1. The picture. Someday it may hang in a museum alongside a Bosch, the Dutch painter of barbarism and secrets.

Joran, smiling with his arm around his dishevelled mother. Her nose jammed in his armpit. Paulus standing there stoic with his lizard pose. An expression so unique, it looks like a cross between a smile and a smirk. Paulus looks like an ulcer ready to pop. On the left, Steve Cohen dressed all in black is whispering to Antonio Carlo, Paulus's lawyer. Or is it Joran's lawyer?

Such a proud moment for Aruba.

Bosch paintings look evil 520 years later.

Just what were the media men, Pauly and Cohen trying to convey with that production? What is Mr. Cohen talking to Mr. Carlo about?

Mr. Cohen trying to broker a resolution without Paulus and Joran Van der sloot going down?
Where are the Kalpoe's in this set piece? Where are the hugs and cheers for them?

Aruba blames anyone and everything including the media but orchestrates a public event for Joran van der sloot's release? Why?

This picture is Aruba, in all it's slimy resonance.

2. Arlene Schippers accusing Natalee's mother of lying and saying she has video proof. This from a spokesperson of Arubatruth. Schippers was lying, never produced the tapes. She gets paid to do this. Defending the Van der sloots, defending themselves. She then was able to meet with a congressmen and discuss "confidential information" regarding the case. So after attacking Beth she is embraced by Arubatruth. Disgraceful.

3. Hundreds of local "volunteers" taking time off to walk the island. No doubt walking right past the Van der sloot residence to search for Natalee. Right past the landfill. All this while the Van der sloots are holed up like rats. This is Aruba's idea of a search. Not, calling in specialists but a walkabout that didn't include the VDS residence, the landfill or the ocean.

4. The "Natalee made me do it" interview by Joran Van der sloot outside his school. Such a bright future, as the next spokesperson for Arubatruth.

In 2005 Aruba became a blog. Only less honest.