Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tookie and The Van der sloots

"Without an apology and atonement for these senseless and brutal killings, there can be no redemption." Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The decision to allow Tookie Williams to be executed, or at least the logic behind it, has angered the van der sloot family in Aruba.

"What does an apology have to do with redemption," Anita van der sloot said.

Joran van der sloot is claiming race to be behind the execution. I have no doubt that if Tookie had a father around, really around, he wouldn't even be in jail, " said van der sloot.

Tookie supporters tried to sell the story as if an innocent man were being executed. But even the majority of supporters never questioned the guilt of Williams. They think he should stay in jail forever. Nobody bought that story even 26 years later.

There are few tears in Los Angeles today.

Joran meet your future: Executed by the people and for the people. Nobody's buying your story either.

Anita and Paulus, relieved of the burden to be over-sentenced, he will kill again.

Joran, teenage boy finding it difficult to be accountable for his actions. A father who doesn't hold him accountable.

You know this Anita. He only apologized for "dropping her on the beach" but was legally advised to stop there? The law advised you to remain silent about the truth?

As you said Anita, "hanging Joran will not bring Natalee back." But it will send him to accountability. Death without redemption.

A sense of balance restored.

While Aruba is in chaos, the whole of it's organizational structure in turmoil over a lie.

It all started with a van der sloot lie. A very large White lie that Aruba continues to close ranks around. Too afraid to believe in the truth.

Happy Holidays Paulus and Anita Van der sloot