Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dompig Lights Himself on Fire


Gerold Domig, the Chief Investigator has poured gasoline on himself and lit the match. At least he's done something. Too bad he coudn't use some of that aggression towards finding Natalee.

The man who said "these 3 are guilty and I just have to proove it," unleashed cruel and unfounded accusations against Natalee, without evidence.

The lengths that the Arubans will go to protect Paulus van der sloot now includes suicide. It has to be one of the most disgraceful and unprofessional displays anyone will ever see.

You wanted more time? To find a missing girl and you wanted to watch the suspects?

Beth was right, she had the same guys pegged as you now call the main suspects and you didn't even interrogate them early on. You arrested two innocent men on the word of Joran van der sloot. At least you admitted you do not have a corroborated timeline for Joran's activities that night.

Now you launch unfounded attacks on Beth and Natalee? You are a disgrace as a professional and as a man.

Along with Ms. Janssen, Dennis Pauly, Jan van der straaten and Paulus van der sloot you are now a member of the Aruba Dirty Police.