Thursday, November 17, 2005

Arubatruth: Defending the Van der sloots

Once again, Arubatruth can't help but continue to bury the reputation of the island it is claiming to serve.

Arlene Schippers, recently caught lying and attacking Beth Twitty in the same sentence was at it again last night.

She suggested that Beth has been kept out of the loop (even though last week she claimed Beth was the one lying about being kept out of the loop) because Beth has leaked important information that could harm the case. Harm the case? What case?

Did Beth leak important evidence? Was it the same evidence presented to a judge who released the Kalpoe's? Was it evidence presented to the judge who claimed Paulus is no longer a suspect?

There are no suspects in custody, the courts have claimed legally Paulus is not a suspect and Ms. Schippers is telling us that Beth is kept in the dark because she will leak important evidence?

Arlene, you have been quoted as saying there is no evidence.

Joran has stated he hopes someday to tell all he knows. Your Chief of Police says the 3 are "guilty as hell." Paulus is going to sue Aruba. Anita is teaching your children.

And what do you do Arlene? Attack Beth Twitty. Can't get out from under your defense attorney training.

You are helping the van der sloots and Kalpoe's hold Aruba hostage.

The truth of Arubatruth is they don't want anyone to know what evidence they don't have.

They don't want any evidence revealed.

What "mistakes were made?" Who made them and are they still on the investigative team?

Arubatruth, use your "sources" and tell us the difference between investigation 101 and your procedure and what actually was done in this case.

"I want to believe that the people have to rest assured that justice is proceeding as it should", Mr. Zaadam said emphatically.

Arubatruth should take up Natalee's cause and not the Van der sloots. Until you get this you continue to be a source of outrage in the U.S. and one of the driving forces for a boycott. And you deserve it more than the locals you hide behind.

The tapes? What do your sources tell you Ms. Janssen plans to not do with them?

Why does it seem like the results are more like a political statement than a forensic finding?

Does it even matter about the tapes? What's another lie after so many?

Arubatruth needs to stop the distraction tactics. Now you're getting behind a theory that she might be alive yet have no proof. Is this another Paulus van der sloot lie to make his beach story lie seem believable?