Monday, November 14, 2005

Dennis Jacobs: The price of evidence in Aruba

What's the price of evidence in Aruba? Lying is evidence in Aruba and has a price.
Dennis Jacobs knows the price. He bought the first one. He gave nothing to the prosecutor but 2 guys who were suspicious. Meanwhile Paulus was free to create his story. Missed the target.

Aruba will pay Paulus for Jacobs buying his son's first lie. Pay him for sterilizing the evidence and hacking the legal system. Then they bought his second lie. Only he used his son to deliver it. Missed the target again.

Then there's the security guards. What did it cost Aruba for their silence? Their story would include Dennis Jacobs. Another missed target.

But they stumbled into a job well done. Still negotiating? They provided cover. Now, Arubatruth is performing that function.

Ms. Janssen will have to explain why she doesn't have evidence that Natalee was even in the car of the Kalpoe's. No evidence Joran was even with Natalee. The van der sloot laundry room was in the unsearched portion of the property.

No evidence whatsoever? Sounds a little too confident, but then again, when you have 10 days to clean and a lead detective properly incentified...

Aruba bought the van der sloot lies and still support them, throwing good money at bad.

The new lie is to claim she might be alive. How? This is a theory that could not be floated if the police hadn't bought the first lie. This story fits with the lie that took ten days to come up with. It's a lie that became the story, still uncorroborated with the confidence of knowing the status of the evidence.

Arubatruth is buying the lies now.

Paulus is released from suspicion and we hear Aruba thinks they should interrogate the 3 again. Missed the target, yet again.

Paulus van der sloot knows where Natalee is. His son's "dropped her at the beach" story is his. He bought the evidence, Dennis Jacobs.

"I want to believe that the people have to rest assured that justice is proceeding as it should", Mr. Zaadam said emphatically. Mr. Zaadam represents the Police union.

Unless that includes arresting Dennis Jacobs, what's the price of that lie, Mr. Zaadam?

Your prayer before sleeping Eric?

Is there one honest cop willing to come forward and tell us the depth of Dennis Jacob's corruption? It appears there is.

Paulus van der sloot and Dennis Jacobs. They are the evidence. Bought and paid for by the good people of Aruba.

"Is this the way to treat a mother who is a fighter, who hasn't thrown in the towel about finding out what happened to her daughter? She is not demanding anything else than to uncover the mystery of the disappearance of Natalee, locate what remains of her, if she is dead and go back to her native city for the posthumous honour she deserves."

Jossy Mansur

"I want to believe that the people have to rest assured that justice is proceeding as it should", Mr. Zaadam said emphatically.

There are currently no suspects in custody for the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

But Paulus van der sloot is over-reaching. Dennis, your ghosts are talking.