Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Aruba Prosecutor Janssen must resign

Is there a place for compassion and decency in the Dutch Legal System?

Whatever your personal feelings are about the Holloway Twittys, your insensitivity to their cause, your dearth of basic decency is a clear indication you lack the necessary drive and skills to manage the most important investigation in Aruba's history.

It's also the most defining moment in your life, Ms. Janssen.

Aruba needs a dignified statement right now and your apology to Beth Twitty and then your resignation would be a gracious, decent and productive signal to the world.

You will be remembered as someone courageous.

It's an opportunity to acknowledge you're over your head, inexperienced but nevertheless committed to justice and truth. You are after all the Chief Prosecutor. You would be upholding the principles that created your position in any legal system.

But you have yet to show any drive or passion to manage this case.

It's a leadership role. You may not believe you are corrupt, but you've been corrupted.

You still have time to show your committment to justice, ask for help and resign.

Are you doing everything possible and do you have the spirit to find out what happened to Natalee? Will you demand more from your investigators? Can you see the big picture here?

Failed to acknowledge the 3 suspects were lying for over 10 days
Wrongly arrested 2 black security guards and couldn't prove their truth for 10 days
Failed to get a search of the main suspects residence even while he was jailed
Failed to keep the Kalpoes for 7 days under rape and premeditated murder suspicion
Failed to create a sense of urgency
Did not grant even the most common decency to the victim's family
Created the appearence of impropriety and confict of interest
Put your vacation above your committment to finding Natalee
Created a personal perception of schadenfraud

You aided and abetted the defense of a coworker instead of prosecuting him.

Worst of all, you now try to use the word lynching to denegrate Beth and Alabama. How hypocritical. It seems if not for Beth, a lynching may have occurred and we wouldn't be here. The 2 black security guards who were telling the truth would have been swinging from your palms. It took you 10 days, the most crucial moment in the life and death of so many people, and you thought a lynching was the answer?

Step outside yourself for one moment and give Beth the decency that she deserves.

You must resign.