Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Castration of Dennis Jacobs


Dennis Jacobs doesn't need viagra. He feels it when he transforms himself every time he caresses the badge bestowed on him, his favorite movie "The Mask."

Criminals don't need to pay for a defense, they call Dennis. He will make sure there is no case, just throw him some money and he'll "take care of it."

It's frustrating to see lawyers scoop up the green isn't it Dennis?

You assimilate with these criminals. The shakedown works when you operate under the radar, destroying evidence for a fee.

Ahh, but Beth Holloway Twitty just took an axe to your "little Denny" and rendered you powerless by this beautiful and very public castration.

The skeletons in your closet will start to live again, unafraid of your power because it's gone. But what now will keep you up at night is not the skeletons but your "clients."

You have no value anymore and cannot be trusted. The mask is gone, the rock has been lifted and the cockroach emerges.

You've been outed Mr. Jacobs. Your secrets now your currency and your clients were promised protection. They need to sleep peacefully and you've now become their insomnia.

That sound over your shoulder is your past and your future. It's all behind you now.

Beth Holloway Twitty was your "talk with God moment" and you didn't even see it coming. Bloated by your greed, motivated by money you lived by the sword... and, well you know the rest.

It was a good run Dennis but it's over.

Working on an island of misogynists, how fitting it is that that a woman did the castration.

The witness protection program awaits, Denise.