Thursday, October 27, 2005

Prosecutor in Aruba to Arrest Mountain Brook Students


Prosecutor Janssen is planning to arrest all the students and chaperones on the trip with Natalee Holloway. While Janssen will not personally interview Beth Twitty, she will have a top aide take her statements, again. "I seem to have trouble looking Beth in the eye, so out of respect to her I will let someone else speak with her," said Janssen. Under Dutch Law Ms. Janssen must take her remaining vacation days or lose them. "They just happen to coincide with when Beth will be on the island."

Janssen breaking her usual silence said,"It's good timing for us to distract attention and allow Paulus van der sloot to ensure he's back on the payroll of the Dutch Authorities."

"I miss his valuable input and help on this case and with over 200 new arrests I could sure use the manpower." gushed Ms. Janssen.

"We're fortunate as government employees to have a reset button once we've decided on an outcome," said the Prosecutor.

Ms. Janssen went on to say "she appreciates the token gestures of interest by Chief Dompig but once Jan van der straaten is back from his liver transplant everything will be back the way it was."

Prosecutor Jannsen expects that once Paulus is set up and Joran back in Holland the case will have resolution. " I will continue to do the job I've been doing until every piece of evidence is gathered and destroyed."