Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Retracting the Truth: Van der sloots rape Aruba

Yes, Chief Dompig, go back to the beginning: Early June, 2005

Rudie Soemers, night watch commander, said the effort to find her became a criminal case two days after her disappearance.

Oduber pledged his nation's "full support and utmost dedication" in finding Holloway. "We are shocked and completely distressed at this turn of events," he said. "We will not tolerate any activities that harm our American friends or tarnish Aruba's reputation."

I contend that the retracted confession of June 11, 2005 was authentic. A SPOKESPERSON FOR THE ARUBAN MINISTER OF JUSTICE as well as THE DEPUTY POLICE COMMISSIONER released the following information concerning the confession to the media……this was not a rumor.

"David Cruz, a spokesman for the Aruban Minister of Justice (search) told FOX News Natalee Holloway (search), who was on vacation with friends with a graduation trip when she disappeared, was confirmed dead and that authorities knew the location of her body."

"One of the young men detained admitted "SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED" to the woman after they took her to the beach, a police officer said, while prosecutors said the investigation was at a crucial point."

"But prosecutors refused to comment on the statement by DEPUTY POLICE COMMISSIONER GEROLD DOMPIG (search), who told The Associated Press that the man who made that admission was leading police to the scene. He refused to identify which of the three young men who took Holloway to a northern beach the night she went missing made the statement."

And that's where van straaten and van der sloot step in. No need to confess, "no body no crime." Retract the Truth.

Stay on message boy and we'll protect you.

Where's the body, Paulus?

Why is anyone surprised that Paulus would attempt to have his name cleared? He will probably win. I mean this is the same man who convinced a judge that his son needed to be released so he could go to college. Do you doubt he already knows the outcome? He is still a paid employee of Corporate Holland. He is attempting to move out of Aruba. No doubt Jannsen will present a weak hand so he can "transfer."

This is exactly how corporate entities handle these situations, they move people without acknowledging guilt.

I thought I would post an email this site received recently:


I'm trying to find the words to explain why I can't let go of this...and it's complex and simple at the same time.

Complex in the sense that being originally from the Caribbean (living in Canada for the past 20+ years) I've seen the lack of accountability, the surreal events, and downright unfairness of their Caribbean way of doing things. Multiply that by 1000% and that's what's happening in Aruba.

Simple in the sense that it's just about human decency, empathy towards the family of a missing girl, who could've been anyone...even me. I've travelled a lot throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, and despite my streets smarts, God knows I've been in situations that could have turned bad.

I'm pissed off by the Aruban people's passiveness. Deep down, despite obtaining their sovereignty, they are still very much dependent on the Dutch, and I'm sure the Dutch don't miss a chance to remind them. I get this whole inferiority complex coming out of Aruba, masked as superiority sometimes and apathy towards Americans, who they also rely upon.

I'm also pissed off by this victim mentality, as if something had happened to them, other that the exposure of their 'one happy family' mentality (read your latest, and it's right on).

I look at Natalee's family and I see this naivete, that Natalee probably also possessed. The expectation that people are basically good and always do the right thing, and if in the tragic eventuality that they don't, then they would be held accountable. I don't think anything could have prepared them for the ugliness that has reared its ugly head in Aruba, and it's only just that they have conveyed their experience to the rest of the world.

Aruba had its chances to redeem herself. She failed miserably.