Monday, October 17, 2005

Rape Tape for Momma, Paulus wetting his bed

The rape tape arrives in Aruba on Wednesday. Paulus is cleaning and the momma Kalpoe is thinking of saving one "good boy" rather than lose two. And momma van der sloot is teaching children again with sunglasses on. Lest they see the guilt in her eyes.

They will not deny the authenticity of the tape, only the authenticity of Deepak.

John Pauly advising the politicians to remain quiet between stuffing his face with cobbler, his drool cup slung over his shoulder while Dompig is telling the public they have their perps.

Ruben checking bags at the airport keeping an eye out for Beth so Jannsen can dash off on a moments notice for her 2 week vacation. "Please Rik, I'll be there shortly, be patient."

The dutch boy still with his finger in the dike of truth is finding it "awkward" to have a GPS planted in his ass by his pimp daddy.

Paulus expanding his client list now counseling Fawley. But Dennis Jacobs is calling, he wants a blowjob, so the sweatmaster obeys, he owes, bigtime. Paulus is sitting in his own urine. No more favors to give, sleeping with one eye open.

Where's the body Paulus?

To Corporate Holland you're a liabiltiy not an asset. You're alone now.

And Beth, a women who raised a beautiful and accomplished daughter fights on. Suffering pain impossible to articluate. An unknown, inarticulate an unprepared woman has inspired millions.

Paulus doesn't inspire loyalty, Beth does. Paulus' army deserts and runs. Paulus and his belly buddies will lose this streetfight.

Natalee is the tattoo on their faces.