Saturday, October 15, 2005

Paulus van der sloot still in contact with police officers


It seems Paulus hurried back to Aruba when the Deepak tape became a hot topic and when Beth began revealing that key parts of her statement were omitted. Also, the 2 police officers who were there the night the van der sloots and kalpoes were confronted are finding themsleves the target of an investigation by their own coworkers.

Paulus van der sloot is communicating daily with these dirty cops to ensure they stick to their story and their " I don't remember" defense. "Paulus worked with these guys on a daily basis and directed them to delete incriminating parts of Joran's comments knowing full well he was admitting to a felony. This is something the officers wouldn't have known at the time" and adminstrative assistant told this source.

Paranoia is running ramapant as the dirty police cannot seem to trust one another. It appears that the same officer, a "white" dutch officer is seen repeatedly escorting deepak to and from jail and the courthouse constantly whispering in his ear.

"Officers are very anxious as they know it takes only one to come forward and finger who gave the orders to omit the key elements." One officer is quoted as saying. "They never imagined this case would gain this much attention and are very nervous that their careers could be in jeopordy."

A rift has formed between the ones less culpable who want to come forward with details of the cover up in return for a promise not to lose their jobs. It's still all about money and not just tourist dollars. If tourism declines though, budgets could be effected and Corporate Holland may not be willing to fund a larger police force or be very interested in higher compensation. "The whole force is freaked out" said one officer.