Sunday, October 16, 2005

Cooking in a Dutch Oven


Paulus van der sloot back in Aruba to keep the lid on the pot of lies. All the talk about the search of his house, the Kalpoe tape and missing documents, Paulus came back to assume his role as chef of this stinking stew of corruption.

Where's the body Paulus?

Holding hands with Deepak and Satish? Calling Dennis to make sure they are on message? A few beers with the whore John Pauly? Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.

Just why did you need Arubatruth to pay for the whore Pauly to orchestrate media coverage of your son's release? Who were you trying to impress, Corporate Holland?

They like everyone else know your future is behind you.

Your son has become your career now because of his accomplishments. Worried about the boy on his own I bet. You're managing now. Ever stop to think about Natalee? Worried your boy may rape and kill again?

Your legacy.

The van der sloots: The living dead.