Sunday, October 16, 2005

Dennis Jacobs: Point Man of Coverup and Paulus' Bitch


Dennis Jacobs read the statement given by Beth Holloway Twitty and called Paulus van der sloot who had it read to it him. Paulus then asked Dennis to eliminate part of the statement that were incriminating to Joran and Dennis complied. He then rewrote the "story" and tracked down Beth at a restaurant and claimed the changes were only dates. Dennis Jacobs altered police officers statements at the behest of Paulus van der sloot.

Dennis Jacobs there is now a target on your back. How long can Jacobs go covering for his friend Paulus? Is it worth the reputation of a whole island? Is it worth bringing to justice those who raped and murdered Natalee?

Are you another coward Mr. Jacobs? Who's bitch are you? You have a chance to correct the "story" and tell the truth or will you lie to cover a lie?

Is it worth it you cowardly bitch boy?