Monday, October 24, 2005

"Happen to Aruba."


"Hello Aruba Customer Service, how may we help you?"

"Yes I'd like to report my daughter missing"

"I'm sorry but my system is down"

"But my daughter missed her flight"

"I'm sure she'll show up at a crack house or Ladies Night at Carlos n Charley's."

"Can I file a report?"

"I'm sorry, our systems have been down, it looks like we have a virus and someone has hacked into our system."

"But I need help, can you help me?"

"I can take a booking for you"

"I don't want to make a reservation, I want to find my daughter."

"Hold please...These tourists are such a pain."

"Mrs. Holloway, I have good news, we've arrested 2 black security guards and should have answers very soon, now, would you like to make a booking?"


Your fat-assed American media guru's hooking cannot mask the ugliness which is Aruba.

What went wrong in the those first 48 hours? What mistakes were made? What's the difference between what actually happened and police procedures?

It's an unusual case that Aruba tried to make usual. But the Aruba Dirty Cops won't come clean. They are the reason there is no evidence. Where's that procedure manual anyway?

You always knew this was a murder case, how? It's pretty obvious this is no longer about finding out what happened but proving it, and proving it in a way that covers a whole lotta asses, isn't it Chief Dompig? How about that surveillance strategy and the interrogation tapes, any idea where they are?

"Never could I have imagined that this could happen to Aruba. We put all our effort into tourism. We live for tourism and have nothing else."

Marcial Ibarra, director of business development for the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association.

"Happen to Aruba?" Ms. Ibarra plays the victim card. Again, showing no understanding of the customer's pain and anguish as if Natalee is the cause of your concern. No, Ms. Ibarra, Natalee exposed the fraud and greed of your slovenly nation. The total corruption of your Police Force that knows exatly what happened here.

Aruba blinded by it's own perverse logic to protect one of it's own and tourism you made a mistake for which you still cannot own up to.

"Happen to Aruba?"

You hide from the Holloways and the Twittys because you can't stand the grief you've inflicted on your customers. Don't want the world to see it. You see them as a problem yet Anita van der sloot is still teaching your children.

You ask "why punish a whole island for an isolated case?" Why protect a local predator at the expense of your island's reputation? Because Natalee is the mirror that shows the depth of your greed and corruption. An island where "everybody lies" and there are no consequences for it.

Is it true that most of the tips are coming from Police Officers themselves? Trying to remember the evidence they didn't collect or were told not to?

Why weren't the 3 last known to be with Natalee brought in immediately for questioning? You still have no corroborated timeline and the lead investigator says it would take 2 days to go over Joran's inconsistencies. 2 days that could have started in June. But oh yes he has studies to get to.

A college student in Holland who can't get his stories straight. I'm sure he's doing real well.

"Happen to Aruba?"

Speaking of running and hiding, are you going to release Paulus van der sloot from suspicion and pay him for the inconvenience? Give him a chance to feed off the system some more or will you stand up to this virus, this walking crime scene?

Karmageddon has made a booking.