Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Shawshank Redemption Aruba Part 2 starring Deepak Kalpoe


So the wooden dummy can read cue cards. Longing to break the typecast as a van der sloot puppet, Deepak Kalpoe is dreaming of Hollywood.

Lawyers seeking to clarify the infamous tape are now calling it a "screen test" claiming that he was reading from a script. Deepak assumed he was meeting with Steven Spielberg and testing for a part in an upcoming movie.

"Skeeters was holding up giant flashcards and I just read what was scripted". "We must have done 5 or 6 takes." Skeeters kept pushing for "more emotion" said Kalpoe.

"He told me I did great." "He said I was real believable."

"He's got real talent for projecting rage" said Skeeters. "You felt the hatred for the victim and women in general, it was a powerful performance." Deepak has experience in the theater having once played Chino in West Side Story as a boy in Suriname.

Deepak was attracted to the project by the strong storyline. In the movie, a guy who committed rape and murder plots for the day he can rightfully lose his freedom. Spending his life with the guilt of having escaped prosecution for the murder of Natalee Holloway he plans to break into jail by spending years building a tunnel from the Cybernet Cafe to the KIA prison.

The climax coming when he triumphantly burrows through sewer pipe and does what the Dirty Cops couldn't or wouldn't do, put him behind bars. Finally breaking free of the van der sloot strings.

When the audition was over Skeeters asked how he thought it went and Deepak responded by saying "you wouldn't believe how easy it was."