Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Deepak and Paulus: Puppet and Puppeteer


Deepak bringing back the fine art of ventriloquism. He sits like the Charlie McCarthy dummy. Paulus is his Edgar Bergen.

His puppeteer wasn't there to provide the words so he spoke for himself. He and his lawyer won't question the validity of the Skeeters tape only the credibility of the dummy. It was Skeeters doing the voice with his hand up Deepak's shirt moving his mouth they'll say. The dummy had a Arachnoleptic fit caught on tape.

Paulus has lost control of his puppets. The seed of Chucky is on his own.

Chucky's in Holland to prey again. No more strings to pull for Paulus. He waits for the knock on the door. The van der sloot playhouse just a crime scene.

Karmaggedon is coming for Paulus and his puppets.