Saturday, October 22, 2005

Paulus van der sloot cleaning house


Strapped for cash, Paulus van der sloot is digging again. Seeking back pay for days missed while arrested for suspicion, Chucky is suing the Country of Aruba. Paulus believes he was wrongly arrested for suspicion. He missed valuable time in the prosector's office helping police cover up the disappearence for which he was being held."If I had not been arrested, I could have used that time to make myself less suspicious," said a frustrated Paulus (aka "Chucky"). "Now I'm in a position where I must do light housework for Dennis Jacob and some of his friends to keep them on message."

Paulus wants the legal cloud removed so he can expand his unique niche defense skills into a career. He has already helped Ben Fawley and Saddaam Hussein by having them enroll in school.

"Aruba has become a hot spot for universities looking to enroll students" said one official. "We sponsored a pizza night at the local prison for those being held on suspicion and the turnout was excellent," said one university official.

The inmates were moved by Anita van der sloots speech. "She's the next Tony Robbins" said one black ex-security guard being held for suspicion of being a scapegoat.

"Life is creation, creation is art" Anita has a life mission "to become a spiritual leader," and also stating "My mission as an educator in this life is to touch students’ hearts and to lead them on the path of discovery and self-expression."

One inmate said this, "If the seed of Chucky can go to school in Holland why can't I."

Rik Smid dropped by on his way to dinner with Karin Jannsen.

"Smiddy (Judge Rik Smid) is a big supporter of the Dutch Educational System," said a giddy Jannsen.

John Pauly was on hand to sample 8-9 slices of pizza and make sure there was a smattering of blacks on hand.

Chucky is spending alot of time cleaning even though it's likely that after the sale of his house, it will be demolished. Because it is really 2 seperate residences, Joran must first sign off on the plans.

The Strategic Task Force and are in a private bidding war over the purchase of the van der sloot property. The Natalee Holloway fund is offering 1.25 million for the crime scene while Arubatruth has countered with 1.3 million for the Historic Landmark.

Ruben Trapenburg said, "the property will have to be demolished completely but we think it has value being in the hands of local ownership." Like a company buying back it's own shares Arubatruth sees it as a good investment in tourism.

The tip line seems to have a glitch. Police officers claim that when they use the phone to call in tips they get a busy signal. One officer said he's been going to another office and then dialing the tips number and it "seems to work okay."

Chief Dompig has set up a lost and found evidence bin. "It's hard trying to solve this case and protect my police department," said Dompig.