Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Paulus the Coward celebrates Natalee's Birthday


Will there be red or white wine tonight Paulus and Anita? Joran okay? He has enough batteries for his Ipod?

Did you hear Dave Holloway is back in Aruba trying to organize a search of the ocean and maybe a landfill? He's looking for his daughter, you remember her don't you Paulus?

It's her birthday and he's looking for her dead body. Did it ever cross your mind to help him? Oh no, we forgot there are legal issues right Paulus? Still hacking into the Dutch legal system.

Any interest in counseling Dave on some permit issues so he can find the corpse of his girl. You know, the one your son "dropped on the beach" and the last known person to have been with her?

Maybe on Natalee's birthday you could ponder just what crime scene your son created that necessitated obliterating all trace of Natalee?

Why does Dave come to your community and you cower in your own house? Or should I say your own crime scene. Because you Paulus, are a crime scene.

Where's the body?

Dave just wants to bring his girl home and say goodbye, forever. And what do you want to do Paulus? Protect your son? Why start now? Natalee was a wake up call to your failed life.

Dave and Natalee have something you never will nor can't comprehend.

Take a look at Dave from beyond peeking out of your window. Look at what courage and sprituality are.

But you can't come out can you? You're already dead.