Monday, October 24, 2005

Aruba's future: Paulus van der sloot?

Calling any Police with courage?

The sound of silence.

Two dirty fat old men put out to pasture in Aruba. They used their friendship to protect the boy. They probably did have good odds of getting away with it.

2 dirty old dead men. Cowards.

Remember the outrage when the Prime Minister confirmed "mistakes were made" and the confirmation by Rudy Croes of Natalee's death. The Prime Minister saying "they found blood."

All later retracted. "Misinformation." Coming from where? The Police no doubt. Misinformation is Aruba Dirty Police's description of the truth. It's a mystery! There is no truth in mystery. It's a pretty word to describe your covering up the murder of Natalee Holloway by Joran van der sloot.

The politicians were right. They spoke the truth until Jan rode back in to whitewash the evidence and spin alternative theories.

Don't build a case, deconstruct it. These were the actions of van Straaten. Sadly supplanting the victim's rights with that of the suspects.

Aruba is so used to marketing itself it's can't speak plain truth. Release Paulus and you will tell the world that the Dutch do not value this one american life.

The boys don't go down without the old men. They are co-dependant criminals. All roads may indeed lead to those 3 as you said but they go through van straaten and van der sloot don't they Chief Dompig?

If you release Paulus van der sloot from suspicion you have signaled the case is over and the coverup complete. Is this a way for you to get Paulus off the island to go work in Holland? Then claim you've performed some type of justice?

Van straaten and van der sloot. Let them walk and your future is behind you too.

Paulus and Jan know. On November 11th you can either tell the world Paulus is not a suspect and he can sue for wrongful arrest or you can take a stand. Another chance for Aruba to get it right. So far you've blown every chance. Oh yes, the legal proceedings will be handled by Karin Jannsen.

Where's the body Paulus? Where's the evidence Jan? Do you dream about what they did to Natalee that made it necessary to have her disappear completely?

Still no corroborated timeline for that night and Paulus is not a suspect? Chief Dompig, if you are to have any credibility, you cannot allow Paulus to continue this charade.

These 2 men, van straaten and van der sloot are denying Beth and Dave the honor of paying the final respect to Natalee.

Beth and Dave will not be finished until they can complete the cycle. Burying their daughter. Her and Dave have more people behind them that you can even think of buying.

And we will stay on you until the dirty old men never see the light of day, ever again.