Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Chief Dompig: "I am a scam, but I can't comment on that"

"Chief, you have said that Paulus van der sloot is a suspect in both the disappearence and the aftermath. How is it possible he could be released from suspicion on November 11th?"

"Chief, is this really you on the phone and how do we know it isn't an edited tape, because I see your face but your lips don't move."

"Chief Dompig, can you solve this case without implicating present or past members of your police force or the government of Aruba?"

"Chief Dompig, who was it that confessed and what happened that constituted a retraction?"

"Is it true that shortly after the statement regarding "something bad happened" you were replaced by Jan van der straaten?"

"Is it true that Jan van der Straaten is Joran's godfather? A simple yes or no would do."

"If the same situation were to happen today, would the 3 suspects be brought in immediately for questioning regardless of their story?"

"If so, why wasn't that done here?"

"Do you have all of Paulus van der sloots phone records beginning the night Natalee disappeared?"

"Did you do any fingerprint testing on the fisherman's hut?"

"Is it true that Paulus van der sloot has volunteered to clean and paint the fisherman's huts?"

"Is it true that Paulus has petitioned to have his phone records kept sealed?"

"When exactly did Paulus van der sloot stop going to work?"

"Did Paulus van der sloot ever sit at his desk while his son was in jail?"

"Exactly what evidence constituted the arrest of the Kalpoes for premeditate murder and rape?"

"You want to speak to Beth now? Wasn't it your country that didn't want her to speak?"

"Just what kind of scam are you referring to?" Are the Van der sloots and kalpoe's in on it"

"Please tell us how this scam was pulled off by the Twitty's"

Another pig in the poke, you and Pauly. Has he told you to speak but say nothing?

Listening to the chief is like listening to the radio when it's turned off.