Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Paulus and Anita van der sloot: King and Queen of Aruba


The Dompigpen has run out of sunscreen in Aruba. Charged, for the second time with covering up his own police force's corruption, he has more white ass to cover than sunscreen to cover it.

"I just didn't anticipate the amount of ass that I would have to cover, " said Dompig.

Asked why he is now appealling again to the public for information, Dompig said," well I'm not appealling to the public as much as I am to my own officers. I'm hoping my officers will call the tips line and clue me in on just how much evidence they either lost or never collected."

"I'm going back to square one not because my department in incompetent, but just to make sure we haven't missed anything." Dompig refused to comment on allegations that the reason they are going back to the beginning is that there never was an investigation.

Dompig believes the previous Police Chief solved the case very quickly and just as quickly unsolved it. "Normal procedures were just not followed for some reason, and with all the media pressure some evidence may have been lost." It's a mystery!

Chief Dompig is directing the search away from the landfill.

The Chief cannot solve this case without implicating the previous Chief of Police. Aruba would like to find Natalee and see the case go away and file it under: MYSTERY.

In fact the whole of Aruba wants to cling to that word in an act of self soothing denial.

10/11 will be Aruba's 9/11 when Paulus van der sloot continues his rape of Aruba and the cruelty to the Holloway-Twitty hits a nadir.

Not even the a truckload of Hawaiian Tropic for the fat-assed spinmeister John Pauley will prevent the shitstorm that will rain on Aruba.

Dompig still cannot admit he is trying to solve a case that has been solved and unsolved by the Dutch troika of van straaten, van der sloot and Jannsen.

Titanic Aruba is heading for an iceberg, but you aren't listening. You're low rent nanny state will lose it's nanny. No more phony smiles at the tourists you despise as walking ATM machines.

Will you be there to cheer Paulus on so he can go back to working for you? Happy now that Anita is teaching your children to grow up to be, what?

Paulus and Anita. King and Queen of Aruba.