Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Prosecutor Janssen is a Fraud


It isn't clear on what evidence the Kalpoes were arrested on suspicion of premeditated murder and rape.

Likely the same evidence that led to the security guards being arrested and held in jail.

Also the same evidence that is directing the searches near the fisherman's hut.

Maybe even the same evidence that prevented the van der sloot property from being searched.

And just what is that evidence Ms. Janssen?

The lies of Paulus and Joran van der sloot. Paulus still working in your office whispering advice?

Just how did you dupe the Kalpoes? The drugs they gave Joran were responsible for Natalee's death so you told them they were now party to a murder? Probably betting they wouldn't realize that maybe it wasn't the drugs but Joran alone who killed Natalee. It worked, you hooked them. But now you can't shake them.

You would have turned on them from the beginning if you could. The security guard scapegoat didn't stick so you tried the Kalpoe scapegoat and it doesn't remove the stench from Joran van der sloot.

And Ms. Janssen you worked closely with Paulus van der sloot didn't you? You and Jan van straaten were not blinded by your friendship? The Dutchies stick together don't they?

Ms. Janssen you couldn't even pick up the phone to call Beth when the suspects were released? Did your emotions or hatred get in the way?

It's a sorry state when your resignation would be your most competent and productive act.

You are unprofessional and corrupt and must be fired for incompetence, indecency and titanic cowardice.

You, Ms. Janssen are a fraud.