Sunday, October 30, 2005

Natalee Hollowy: Still on the island of Aruba and not in the ocean

"I'll do anything to protect my son" Paulus told Dave Holloway. Protection from what? Being framed for a crime he didn't commit? In Aruba? I don't think so.

You were protecting him from the truth and from the consequences of his actions.

The “I dropped her at the beach” story may have been believable if told initially. But it wasn’t, it couldn’t. Paulus had not finished with the evidence. The no body no crime mantra did not yet apply.

First they needed a distraction away from the beach and away from the van der sloot property. If only…If only they had done what is always done in these cases, bring them in for routine questioning, a cursory search of the property, the evidence was there.

The Kalpoe’s and Joran van der sloot were able to get a pass on a story but the security guards were not, even though they too had a story and it was the truth!

It took 10 days to figure out that they had not lied. The van der sloot lie was accepted immediately.

But so was Paulus, friend of the police, close friends of the Police Chief. A father compelled to action in his warped sense of parental responsibility. He failed yet again as a judge.

The first was not realizing his son’s social life was costing more than his own.

A father whose idea of spending quality time with his son was in a casino gambling. A father who didn’t see the literal wall he built by allowing his son to have his own apartment, without paying rent, he taught him nothing. He created a life for his son that he wanted for himself. But he created a monster, predator and now a rapist and murderer.

The 3 suspects are often excused for lying because they were scared. The same scared suspects would not have been capable of making Natalee disappear along with all other evidence so completely in such a short time frame. And, the ocean is not the likely resting place for Natalee’s remains. The timing of the 2 stories is key to understanding why Natalee’s remains are not in the ocean.

That first night, the police either decided or were told not to bring the Kalpoes and Joran van der sloot into custody, which is normal procedure when dealing with missing persons. Eliminate suspicion quickly, but in this case they could not follow procedures and eliminate suspicion so they needed time, and a story.

This is the moment Paulus van der sloot took control of this investigation. Took control to solve a crime and then to un-solve a crime, to protect his son, Joran van der sloot. Paulus thinks that if he can work the legal system it will somehow change history. He thinks that winning is only in the courtroom. But Paulus, you’ve already lost.

Mr. Van der sloot would know what to do with evidence and how to misdirect the police, the ones he works with every day. He would know the best place to get rid of evidence.

The landfill is a place that would require legal authority and approved resources to search. Evidence gets buried deeper and deeper each day.

It’s tedious and dangerous work.

But the landfill, nothing looks out of place because everything is out of place.

The ocean would require a boat and the risk of being seen. Keep the crime insulated in as small a circle as possible, no chances. And it needs to be done quickly.

When his father said ‘no body no crime, he was describing to the 3 suspects what he had done with the evidence. This is when they came up with their second story.

Paulus van der sloot is the only one who knows where Natalee is buried.

He would do it alone to insulate himself and Joran and rope in Deepak and Satish and find a way to blame it on them if need be.

He would certainly have thought to pass blame on the Kalpoe’s if he could but he could not.

Just what did they do that necessitated killing Natalee and making sure she would not be found. There were early reports that she “hit her head, she fell and they all had sex with her.” Too bad about the Kalpoe’s. Now you must live with the knowledge that they could drop a dime on you at any moment. Sleep well? Or have you thought about getting rid of them too?

There still is no corroborated timeline from the night Natalee disappeared. The parents of the suspects only lend more suspicion and not less.

This is very, very disturbing.

Steve Croes, Paulus van der sloot and Mrs. Kalpoe cannot corroborate a consistent timeline to account for the 3 on the night Natalee disappeared.

There is no proof or evidence of any kind that links Natalee to anyone else after she was with Joran van der sloot. No corroborating evidence that Joran’s second beach story is even true. So how did the Kalpoe’s get involved and why are the Van der sloots and Kalpoes holding a proverbial gun to each other’s head?

Dompig is steering Dave away from the landfill.

He claims he is acting on rumors of stolen fishing equipment. A story that has been around for months but without evidence. Did they fingerprint the huts? Rumors?

Natalee’s remains get buried more each day in the landfill.

How can anyone doubt that Paulus van der sloot is running this investigation?

Aruba is a business.

Aruba is worried about tourism and not justice. Instead of calling in help from the FBI they hire media consultants to advise them on damage control.

Instead of asking the FBI they form committee’s to fight the negative press.

In classic and destructive style they are pointing the finger back at their largest customer.

They have shown a textbook example of how not to manage a crisis. In any form of commerce when a vendor not only doesn’t take care of a problem but also blames the customer, you only enrage the customer even more.

The racism angle exists for sure. No one likes to admit it but when the world saw the arrest of the 2 black security guards, we thought: case closed. A tragedy yes, but we’ve seen it before.

When news came that they were released and the last known person to be with Natalee was the son of someone who works in the prosecutor’s office, that’s when Aruba was blindsided and blinded.

Then, just when confirmation of Natalee’s death comes on the news, a close friend of the suspect’s father replaces Chief Dompig and Aruba officially retracts the “story.”

And Aruba cannot understand the negative press?

Unless and until the investigation is focused on Jan van der Straaten and Paulus van der sloot Aruba will continue to dig itself a deeper hole. A timeline of Paulus’ action and contacts will reveal his solving and un-solving of this crime. Your customer’s want answers and deserve answers.

The bottom will come on November 11th when a judge and not the Police will decide that Paulus is no longer a suspect in the case.

This has become a clubby legal exercise where the lawyers and judges demonstrate that they are above the law with some entitlement to the equivalent of diplomatic immunity.

Paulus van der sloot unsolved this case because he controlled the evidence and it’s destruction. He then fashioned a story to fit his version of a lie. He used his son and the Kalpoe’s as pawns. He did what his teenage son did, create fantasies and then believe them. Comfortable in the courtroom with his nose in books yet runs from the cameras and cowers in his house while Natalee’s father is down the street looking for her remains.

The Dutch in Aruba have options in Holland and will lay waste to the island before they depart.

The locals don’t have that option.

What irony. If American dollars carry so much consequence why then was the FBI not fully in charge from the beginning?

Who said, “Americans value life, we value death?” Any guesses Holland?

Cowardly men with false pride and a father who thinks he is doing what all fathers would do. Unfortunately, Paulus van der sloot hadn’t noticed what a failure he really is. Trying to revise history via the legal system won’t unring the bell that is Natalee Holloway. Your team of lawyers and manipulation with connections will not raise your stature anywhere, especially not in the eyes of your son. Nothing can replace the moment you showed who you are, running like a scared rabbit, running from your own truth.

You may walk on November 11th but you’ll always be running. Running from the truth, for the rest of your life and the lives of your family. Your son, the rapist and murderer, Joran van der sloot.

Look out your window and see a man, a father, Dave Holloway. He dug through a landfill looking for his girl. Can you comprehend that? The girl your son "dropped at the beach."

Even standing on a landfill looking for the remains of his daughter, Dave Holloway is still more blessed than you ever will be. Now he wants to say goodbye to his beautiful and accomplished daughter.

And what are you doing? Paying lawyers to keep your son in lies, working towards a career as a casino greeter? You and your family are a freak show.

There are no coincidences and there is no mystery. Mystery is a word used by lazy and slovenly nanny state employees that have lost sight of right and wrong.

Natalee’s history is not unlike Aruba’s. Once beautiful and simple. Now gone, corrupted by the Dutch, hiding behind greed.

Paulus van der sloot; there is always time for redemption, that's a gift from God. You are one confession away from redemption.

It takes courage. What's that, you don't know what that is? It's not in the courtroom surrounded by a cadre of lawyers.

It's in Beth Twitty as she knocks on doors in Aruba. It's in Dave Holloway as he stands among your wasteland looking for his daughter.