Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Aruba Dirty Police, Dennis Jacobs Shakedown backfires.


Live by the dollar, die by the dollar.

When Dave Holloway asked to organize a search for his daughter, Dennis Jacobs responded with, "how much money do you have?"

The question to you Jacobs is, how much do you have?

Lawyers are expensive. Better break out the piggy bank.

How much did Paulus pay you to believe his son's lie? I guess the security guards couldn't come up with enough for your shakedown huh?

So you thought you could pin it on them. Will you return the money to Paulus when he does the walk we all can't wait to see? You know, the one where he's in handcuffs?

Knowing Paulus he will sue you to get the bribe back. Your famous now, poster boy for the dirty police.

There will be no movie deals for you. By the way, what's the address of the Kia prison?