Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dennis Jacobs: Team Player. Koen Gottenbos: Who's your daddy?


"Victims rights is a value add service and not an entitlement" said the lead investigator, Dennis Jacobs. How true those words are in the case of the disappearence of Natalee Holloway.

Legal rights are for sale on Fantasy Island.

"The van der sloots have benefitted from the system," said the lead detective. "One person's injustice is another's tax payer's satisfaction."

"Paulus and I work for the same company, so of course I'm a team player functioning in a business plan." "One man's blackmail is another's entrepeneurial spirit," said Jacobs.

This case has been a punishing light on a previously a self-serve form of justice where police officers make less than a concierge.

Dennis Jacobs has responded to criticism that he has done nothing and is not Aruba's Dirty Police. Reporter Meenoy Davis from the Bodie Free Press obtained an exclusive interview with the lead detective in the Natalee Holloway case.

"I have worked very hard on this case and accomplished quite alot," said Jacobs.

"This is Aruba, not the United States and my accomplishments should be analyzed within the culture they are reviewed."Blackmail, conspiricy, witness tampering, intimidation, falsifying documents, mis-handling and destroying of evidence are "tactics" not crimes.

He believes calls for his replacement are unnecessary. "Given a little more time, I may be able to do more."

He also says he has done all this without accumulating a single hour of overtime. "Why should I spend money from my budget, if I don't have to?" "If not for that Beth Twitty, I may have been right on budget," said the frustrated lead detective.

"The reason this case has taken so long from an investigation point of view is the same reason the suspects are lying. We don't want the truth to come out."

Jacobs denied he's a misogynist and a racist, and got angry at the suggestion.

When questioned as to why the Joran lie was accepted as truth and the security guards truth was accepted as a lie, he responded with, "Get your black ass out of my face you stupid whore."

Like a gambler on a bad streak, Aruba believes if you can just hang in there the money will eventually even out.

"The strategy to try to place blame elsewhere, the security guards, the Kalpoes, Beth, Jug, Shango mysticism, Drug Dealers, Slave Traders, the Media and now the students."

Jacobs doesn't believe Aruba is avoiding the central core issue and that the van der sloot "have nothing to do" with any of Aruba's problems. Other's disagree.

Aruba has made so many mistakes, so many bad judgement calls without realizing that the bill will come due eventually.

"Until they address the core issue of the van der sloots, the debt of ill will that they themselves have created will bury Aruba" said a prominent local businessman.

"Arubatruth wants us to believe that tourism hasn't been hurt. It doesn't matter if every room is full, the margins are shrinking. Forced to discount fares and rates, you can show the world what you want, but the margin is no longer there to support Aruba for very long."

It's often a sign of desperation when a company slashes prices in a short term effort to bring in new customers or finance existing assets.

Aruba is becoming a discount island.

"Your living in a house who's value is dwindling daily and where the interest rate is rising. You'll be upside down before too long."

Aruba needs to put away the pride and prejudice and ask for more help.

Koen Gottenbos is now identified as the friend with a boat. His dad visited the police chief just about the same time the latest search was shut down.

Jacobs unsolves another one. I'm sure you'll get a nice bonus from Corporate Holland this Christmas.