Saturday, November 05, 2005

Why is Aruba focusing on the U.S. now?


Without a hurricane on the horizon, Aruba is looking for another distraction to let one of it's own slip out the back.

The prosecutor Karin Janssen is a little stressed with the work overload. Her co-worker and experienced clerk remains legally a suspect.

"I need to focus away from the crime scene," said Janssen. "It's worked in the past so why change strategies?"

On November 11th, Paulus van der sloot will be officially released from suspicion and allowed to sign a new contract to go to work for the government.

"He is still technically under our employ and always has been," said Janssen.

"Once he's released we'll have our full team back and should be able to make real progress," said the prosecutor.

"Paulus, Jan, Dennis and I are planning an offsite meeting in Curacao with judge Rik Smid."

In what would be a working vacation, the group plans on resolving this case, hopefully by Christmas.

"We have alot of optimism that Gerold Dompig will get his wish list from Santa this year," said the prosecutor.