Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Janssen and Schippers: Stand by your Man

Some identify with Beth and Dave's pain. Some with the van der sloots. The moral equivalency is shocking to some, others not.

Others ignore what actually may have happened to Natalee and empathize with the van der sloots. One of our own has a son who raped and murdered an american girl. Those people see Paulus and Anita as victims.

Who do you empathize with Karin, Arlene?

Truth is not powerful enough to be the arbiter of justice in Aruba.

You're quiet about Paulus?

But Schipper's attacks Beth again last night. Why do you keep defending your "system."

Ms. Shippers, not until you sift through a landfill to find your daughter can you even begin to comprehend what a fool you are.

The connection to this case may have started with what happened to Natalee but your attitude is why the case is about what Aruba's elite are doing to Beth and Dave. The anger is deep and powerful.

Comparing a meeting with Karen Janssen as the same as getting time with President Bush?

You're arrogant and condescending. Rather than spend time criticizing Beth why not take the time to ask Mother Holland to prioritize the validity of the tapes? Your ignorance of the U.S. anger is only topped by your sadistic lack of compassion.

How do you and Karin and Anita plan to spin Paulus's release this Friday?

You know very well you're self interest drives you to defend Paulus. Because defending Aruba means defending Paulus.

You pay Paulus; you respect his knowledge and use of your "system." What's the price of getting away with murder?

But Beth is hurting the innocent people of Aruba? How come we don't hear from those innocent people, only the power elite telling us how the innocent are feeling? How would they know?

Is there a curfew for blacks in Aruba?

Dave and Beth have connected with a powerful audience that you keep spewing your elitist frigidity at.

Is there a singular person that knows more of what has happened than Paulus van der sloot?

You protect him.

Not enough evidence? Mystery? Doesn't it even startle you when you say there is no evidence? Doesn't that strike you as being just a little too sanitary?

There is sadness and beauty in Beth and Dave's struggle; they never give up on their daughter under brutal conditions. Why can't you get behind them? Beth has taken a huge risk for Natalee, why won't you Karin?

Pick up the phone Prosecutor Janssen. Is it really not in you to say, "I'm sorry Beth?"

Dave and Beth can take the pain of what happened in this crime, prosecutor. Can you take the pain of your complicity?