Friday, November 11, 2005

Prime Minister Oduber: Speak to your customers, now!

This from A.M. Digital today:

According to Oduber one person is not more important than the livelihood of 100,000; than a 2 million florin economy; and than 8,000 hotel rooms. That is what he said and was supported by father Rudy Lampe.

Oduber flatly denied having any intentions to fire anybody. When this is all over he does want an investigation to take place by amongst others Judge Bob Wit and other experts in international law to exactly tell us all the details of the investigation in this case.

If at some point in time for the sake of the investigation somebody has to be moved, it has to be done, there’s nothing wrong with that, according to Oduber. This has nothing to do with giving in to the pressure of the US Government.

When will you get it? As goes Natalee so goes the fortunes of your country. Your largest customer believes there is a coverup and you are going to wait? Wait until when? All evidence has been discarded?

Spend your money, while you have it, and investigate what didn't happen and why it did not happen.

Here's a clue: van der straaten, van der sloot, janssen and Jacobs.

Call in the FBI and they will do the investigation into the investigation for you. Instead of writing the State Department, how about contacting the FBI and let them speak openly to the american people.

But you're afraid of what they would say aren't you? There is nothing to share with them because you lost it.

Prime Minister, you have nothing more to lose at this point and everything to gain, speak directly and courageously to your largest customer, the United States.

Save your politics for Karin Janssen, and get her resignation along with Dennis Jacobs.

Explain to your customers the meaning of today's decision regarding Paulus van der sloot.

Why was Natalee's death confirmed?
Why did you personally confirm blood found in the car?
What mistakes were made and have those responsible been disciplined?

You have been given numerous opportunities to connect with your largest customer. Why are you doing what the van der sloots and kalpoe's have done? When pressured they lied.

You need to rely on the truth, not lies. It's the only way right now.