Thursday, November 10, 2005

Paulus van der sloot's homecoming

Prime Minister Obuder's latest limp wristed embarrassment was a spineless audition for the lead role in the movie version of "Memoirs of a Geisha."

"If mistakes were made, they will come to light right away." The Twitty's and Riley cannot insist on replacing some persons from the investigation team. "They have no right to demand that. This is a matter that only concerns our country."

'If mistakes were made?' I thought it was you who said, "mistakes were made." Which is it?
A boycott by Americans is none of your business, Mr. Obuder. Oh yeah, it's all about business isn't it?

I bet you turn away when you see a picture of Natalee?

Jeff Lesker from AHTA, an American from New York jumped into the slimepool that has become the official spokesperson club of Aruba:
"This is as far as we go, our people cannot be jeopardized by such a case where there is no proof whatsoever that the girl was murdered as is being said, and where everything else is pure speculation brought to life by the US media."

Were you this much of a corporate sheep, this stupidly arrogant before you came to Aruba or are you trying to do a bad impression of Joe Mammana? It came off more like John Pauly.

No proof that the girl ( her name is Natalee Holloway) was murdered as being said?
How do you know Jeff Lesker? Some inside connections to break the "separation of powers?" Did Paulus assure you?

I bet you turn away when you see a picture of Natalee?

Barbie Ellis Schippers gave us the teenage girl defense of Aruba:
"The government has done nothing wrong," said Schippers. Skeeters must have edited out the last part of your quote. " the last 10 minutes."

Your inferiority complex and self-loathing anti-Americanism on full display. Suppressed as long as the money was flowing. Barbie, this has nothing to do with the tutorial drone regarding the workings of the Dutch legal system you were schooled in. Get off you high horse and educate yourself.

This is about indecency, laziness and dishonesty.

I bet you turn away when you see a picture of Natalee?

Karin Janssen never had the heart or passion to do the job she was employed to do. Couldn't prosecute a co-worker and his son.

Janssen, van der straaten, Jacobs, van der sloot, Lesker, Pauly, Schippers.

It should be quite a homecoming for Paulus back at the office.

I bet you turn away when you see a picture of Natalee?