Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Paulus van der sloot not a suspect?

Who will be accountable this friday when the Court in Aruba decides if Paulus van der sloot is still under suspicion?

What a bizarre question? If Paulus van der sloot is not under suspicion who is?

If Paulus van der sloot's appeal is denied, how are we to understand the court saying he is a suspect but the police do not have permission to search his property?

If they deny his request, what does that mean? What evidence is there that he is under suspicion and why is he not incarcerated?

Will you explain it to us Arlene? You who want americans to educate themselves have a chance to inform us what the decision means.

Why did Arubatruth hire a defense attorney to be the spokesperson? Why not a former prosecutor, who could offer a more effective laison with the victims family? What are you defending?

Is Arubatruth more concerned with a prosecution or a defense?

If you remove suspicion of Paulus you do the same for Joran and the Kalpoe's.

Janssen must respond to this decision one way or another. And, Arlene could educate americans.

Janssen must be heard from on Friday, whatever the decision.

She must explain this decision, speak to Natalee's family, and then resign. It's the dignified move this situation needs at this moment. Why not prepare them now for what this decision means? No, I forgot, you're waiting for it to go away.

Karin Jannsen as the Chief Prosecutor has failed.

Her job demands accountability. She is a disgrace to the victim she is supposed to represent, a disgrace to aruba, a disgrace to prosecutors everywhere. But maybe your job wasn't to prosecute but to defend your friend and co-worker of 8 years Paulus van der sloot.

But most of all she's a disgrace to herself.