Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Aruba Courts Terror: With Friends Like These....

You mean you can kill Americans and the local media will blame the victim?

Praise Allah, Aruba really is paradise!

Yes, and the local police will make sure there is no evidence and protect us!

It cannot be true?

Yes, and if you are arrested under suspicion you can lie as many times as you want!

You're lying, such a place cannot exist?

And you can sue Aruba for damages to your reputation and become the victim!

I don't believe you, I need proof!

Yes, and they used 2 black security guards as cover so the murderer could have time to unsolve the case!

What kind of person can do this?

They call him Paulus van der sloot.

Kill the Americans!

What do we need to get started?

A white suidcide bomber with a Dutch passport and we're ready to kill! A pair of high heels for the prosecutor too!


She likes to walk on the beach with them and it makes her appear taller. It makes her look concerned.


Is it true that 70% of tourists are americans?


We should blow up a hotel or one of the cruise ships!

I think one at a time will be better for the local police, and it's more of a statement. The point is to kill americans and allow Arubatruth to skew the safety numbers at the same time.

And what does the Chief of Police think?

He says the 3 are guilty as hell.

And they are free?

Yes, isn't it great?

I can't believe it? Tell me more about this Aruban Justice.

So who is this Zaadam guy?

He is the leader of the police union.

What does he think?

I have quote, "I want to believe that the people have to rest assured that justice is proceeding as it should", Mr. Zaadam said emphatically.

I like this guy! You mean he has no suspects in custody and is going to be sued by the father of the murderer, and he's using his authority to distract americans away from the truth?


For cover they use the poor people as a defense of their corruption and incompetence. They want to make the Americans feel guilty for being American, you know the truth and justice thing? And they want american dollars to pay for this situation.


Then when the attention is off they go back to making sure the poor stay poor so they can use that defense again.

Very shrewd.

And do the Americans care enough?

It doesn't matter, only how much the Arubans care about themselves.

So it's a short term opportunity?


What about this Natalee Holloway? She seems to have created quite alot of damage to Aruba.

She has caused problems.

What are the authorities currently doing about it?

Blaming Natalee's mother. And spreading rumors about Natalee.

What kind of rumors?

That she's alive and that "something bad happened to her", confirmed her death, then retracted, you know psychological warfare.

Do they torture suspects?

No, you can listen to an Ipod and read magazines while you're interrogated!

Are they calling her a mother of a suicide bomber?

Not yet!